Tiger Cubs

Tiger Cubs BSA is a simple and fun program for first-grade boys and their families. The Tiger Cub program introduces boys and their adult partners to the excitement of Cub Scouting as they "Search, Discover, and Share" together.

The Tiger Cub program is conducted in two phases. In phase one, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner meet in the home to conduct activities for the whole family. Upon completion, the Tiger Cub and his adult partner meet twice a month with other Tiger Cubs and adult partners in the den, using the planned "big idea" (or theme) for their activity during one of the meetings. Each den meeting is hosted by a Tiger Cub-adult partner team.

Tiger Cubs BSA follows a school-year cycle. Boys remain in the Tiger Cub program until they complete first grade. At that time, they graduate into a Cub Scout den and are eligible to participate in Cub Scout summer activities, including Cub Scout Day Camp.

Ideals of Cub Scouting

Apart from the fun and excitement of Tiger Cub Scout activities, a number of ideals are expressed in the day-to-day life of the boy and his leaders.

Tiger Cub Promise

I promise to love God,
my family, and my country,
and to learn about the world.

Tiger Cub Motto

Search. Discover. Share.
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